Archbold, OH

Council Starts Design Of New Storage Building

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, described the need for a new storage building at the Archbold Municipal annex building as a “chain-reaction issue.”

Speaking to Archbold Village Council Monday, Nov. 5, Wyse said the Archbold Fire Department needs more storage space. Next door to the fire station, on the corner of North Defiance St. and West Mechanic Street, is an Archbold Police Department vehicle storage building. Originally a gas station, it was remodeled to suit police department needs.

If a new building is built for the police department then the police department can move out of the ex-gas station, and the fire department can move in.

Also, storage space in the new building can be set aside for the engineering department, which has storage needs, too.

“We do have some equipment that needs cold (unheated) storage, that we’d like to have inside,” Bob Seaman, village engineer, told council members.

Currently, he said the engineer office is storing some of their equipment in a utility closet.


Council voted to authorize David L. Geringer, local engineer, to estimate the cost of, and assist in the design of a storage building.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said $3,000 was budgeted for Geringer’s work, “and I don’t think we’ll spend that much.”

Howell said the building will be a plain Jane design, but Brad Grime, council member, asked about dressing up the façade, because the building, located on the south side of the annex, will face Fairlawn Haven.

Wyse said he wants the building to “blend into the neighborhood.”

The storage building had originally been proposed for last year, but was delayed due to budget.

Memorial Park

Council accepted a quote from RMH Concrete & Foundations, to install new concrete walkways between the diamonds in Memorial Park.

The company will do the job for $29,992.

Also, the company will pour new pads where the bleachers stand. Seaman said in a couple of areas, the current pads are starting to sink.

The concrete won’t entirely cover the area around the concession stand; much of the area will remain paved with asphalt. Asphalt surface repairs, which were estimated to cost $17,000 to $20,000, were included in a contract to repave village parking lots, Seaman said.

Kenny Cowell, councilman, asked why the Memorial Park concrete work wasn’t included in the village sidewalk repair project.

Seaman explained the project at the park differs from the sidewalks, because the concrete in the park will be six inches thick. He said the village could get a better price if the two projects weren’t lumped together.

Brad Grime, councilman, asked about pouring concrete during winter weather. The project has a January completion date.

Seaman said weather won’t be a problem. Concrete can be mixed for cold weather. It can be mixed with hot water, and covered with blankets at night.- David Pugh

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