Archbold, OH

Council Seeks Truck Bids

The Village of Archbold is in the market for a new medium duty truck.

Council approved advertising for bids for a 2013- model cab-and-chassis truck for use in brush chipping during its Monday, June 4 meeting.

The truck will replace a 1993 model.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the 1993 truck is worn out, and is becoming a maintenance problem.

Howell said the council fi- nance committee discussed purchasing a new truck last fall.

The cab-and-chassis is only that; the cab, or crew compartment, front axle, and the running gear including, engine, transmission, drive shaft, and rear axle.

Howell said the village will remove the chipper body from the back of the old truck and mount it on the new vehicle.

The brush-chipping truck tows a trailer-mounted brush chipper, which empties into the truck bed.

Crews routinely make rounds through the village, picking up tree limbs and brush that has been left at the curb. The limbs and brush are run through the chipper.


Council approved moving more than three-quarters of a million dollars between accounts.

Council agreed to move $700,000 from the income tax fund to the capital projects fund.

Another $100,000 was moved from the income tax fund to the street maintenance fund to pay for ongoing operations of the street department.

Speed Bumps

Reporting on the May 7 meeting of the streets and sidewalks committee, Jeff Fryman, councilman and chairman of the committee, said the group considered a request for speed bumps in the alley on the west side of South Defiance Street, between Wilson Street and West Beech Street.

The committee agreed to install the speed bumps.

Council also reviewed the May report of the police department, and the engineering department project status report.

All councilmen were present; all votes were unanimous.

The next meeting is 7 pm, Monday, June 18.–David Pugh


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