Archbold, OH

Council Seeks Bids For Road, Building

Archbold Village Council voted to seek bids for two new projects at its Monday night, July 21, meeting.

The board approved a call for bids for resurfacing the roadway and paved areas around the village wastewater treatment plant.

The road will be widened from 13 to 16 feet. The stone and asphalt paving around the plant will be replaced, plus a concrete pad will be built near one of the plant’s lagoons. The pad will make it easier for workers to empty the plant’s sewer cleaning truck, called a vacuum jet truck.


The project includes resurfacing portions of Burke and Schlatter streets.

All of Schlatter Street will be resurfaced from a point west of Lindau Street, and all of Burke will be resurfaced from a point west of North Buehrer Street.

The two streets will be milled, removing one and a quarter (1.25) inches of pavement, before new pavement is applied.

The material ground away, the “grindings,” will be used to construct a parking lot at North Pointe Park.

The preliminary cost for the project is $328,000, which includes $240,000 for work at the wastewater treatment plant, $80,000 for work on Burke and Schlatter streets, plus $8,000 for the new parking lot.


Council also approved seeking bids for a new storage building for the village police and engineering departments, to be constructed at the municipal annex building.

Plans call for the construction of a 4,900 square-foot building. It will be a metal-framed building, with metal siding, 98 feetby 50 feet in size.

There will be six vehicle storage bays, each with 10 foot-by- 12 foot overhead doors, which will allow two vehicles to park in each bay. One of the bays will be equipped to wash vehicles.

Further, two 250 square-foot storage rooms will be built.

The engineer’s estimate for the project is $180,000.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the project will be bid two ways. First, the village will seek a general contractor, who will handle all parts of the project. Second, the village will seek bids for each portion of the work, such as concrete, steel, electrical, etc. The goal is to see which method offers the best price.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, was absent from the Monday night meeting. The next meeting of Archbold Village council is Monday, Aug. 4, 7 pm, at council chambers.- David Pugh

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