Archbold, OH

Council Seeks Bids For Manhole Fix

Archbold Village Council gave the go-ahead to seek bids for repair of leaking manholes in the northwest area at its Monday, Sept. 9 meeting.

However, Dennis Howell, village administrator, warned council the repairs aren’t a cure-all to an issue facing the village.

There is one main sewer line that carries wastewater under the Norfolk Southern railroad tracks from the north side of the village to the wastewater treatment plant on the south side.

Howell said during heavy rains, storm water infiltrates into the sanitary sewer system and “surcharges” the line. Wastewater backs up, creating problems.

He told council two years ago, the engineering and wastewater departments were asked to find where storm water was getting into the sanitary sewer system.

What they found were leaks in 32 old sanitary sewer manholes where groundwater was seeping in the sanitary sewer system.

The solution is to line the inside of the old manhole walls with a spray-on material, either a polymer or a cement epoxy combination.

Plans call for 14 manholes to be completely lined; another 18 will have only their top portions lined.

Howell told council the estimated cost of the project is $30,600.


Howell said lining the manholes will help, but won’t be a cure-all for the surcharging issue.

The single north-south line will need to be repaired, and council might consider running another main sewer line, called an “interceptor.”

He cautioned that a second interceptor will be hugely expensive, but, “somewhere down the road, it will have to be done.”

“It’s good future planning.”


Councilmen also decided to waive a hearing on the village share of the Undivided Local Government Fund.

Money comes from the State of Ohio, back to the counties.

Years ago, Howell said the Fulton County Budget Commission, a group made up of the county auditor, treasurer, and prosecutor, developed a formula to distribute the money to government entities within the county.

For 2014, the commission estimated Archbold would receive $64,221.86 from the ULGF.

Howell said that figure has been shrinking. In 2008, the village received more than $135,000 from the fund.

Receipts from the fund dipped to $116,000 in 2009, then $117,625.37 in 2010, and $117,545.94 in 2011.

For 2012, the ULGF contributed $83,977.08 to the village coffers.

This year, it was anticipated the fund would return about $64,000 to the village.

As of July 31, the village had received $38,539.61.

Council undertook some housekeeping tasks during the Monday meeting.

It accepted the amounts and rates of its existing tax levies which were approved by the budget commission and certified by Brett Kolb, county auditor.

Council also authorized Howell to seek bids for chemicals for use in the water and wastewater treatment plants.

Howell told council the chemical bid request forms spell out specifically what fuel surcharges the village would pay to deliver chemicals to the village.

Council also reviewed the minutes of the Aug. 5 work session, the street department labor report, income tax report, and zoning permits issued for June, July, and August.

Two councilmen, Kevin Morton and Vaughn Bentz, were absent.

The next meeting is Monday, Sept. 23, 7 pm, in council chambers.–David Pugh

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