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Council Repeals Restriction For Right Turns On Red

Archbold Village Council repealed an ordinance that wasn’t being enforced anyway at its Monday, Feb. 18 meeting.

Donna Dettling, village administrator, said a 1975 ordinance has been in place, prohibiting right turns on a red traffic signal at the intersection of South Defiance Street and Stryker Street.

She told council she does not remember why the issue came up, but Leo Wixom III, Archbold police chief, looked into it.

Dettling said Wixom told her he and other officers were unaware they were supposed to be issuing citations for illegal right turns.

Plus, since there is no sign in place prohibiting right turns on red, officers could not issue citations anyway.

Dettling said the issue was reviewed by the council street committee at its Friday, Feb. 8 meeting.

Village officials had the choice of putting up a sign and issuing citations or repealing the ordinance.

She said both Wixom and Jason Martz, village superintendent of streets, both felt the intersection was safe enough to allow right turns on red.

Allowing right turns on red keeps traffic moving, she said.

In a later interview, Dettling said the village is studying an issue with the anion exchange water treatment system.

The $2.6-million system, first discussed in 2011 and added in 2013, is intended to reduce trihalomethanes, or TTH.

TTH are chemical compounds that are a byproduct of disinfecting water with chlorine. It involves passing treated water through a bed of special resins. Archbold conducted a pilot project on the system.

Dettling said it was originally estimated the resin would have a 10-year life span, but it “wore out” much sooner.

Now, village officials are conducting a study to determine the best replacement resin. She expects a report by April.

In the meantime, the Evansport water system, which obtains finished water from Archbold, is under Ohio Environmental Protection Agency orders to reduce TTH levels in water provided to customers.

Dettling said the OEPA has extended the deadline for a plan to solve the problem to July.

The next meeting is Monday, March 4, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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