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Council Removes $5,500 Charge From Fire Agreement

Archbold Village Council approved a fire protection services agreement with the German Township Trustees without a $5,500 charge paid by the trustees at its Monday, Dec. 3 meeting.

Council tabled the agreement at its Nov. 19 meeting when no one knew why the village was receiving $5,500 from the trustees as part of the agreement.

Howell researched the issue, but told council at the Dec. 3 meeting that, “No one in living memory knows why that fee is there.”

References to the fee were removed from the agreement, and the length of the agreement was extended from three to five years.

Under the agreement, the German Township Trustees agree to purchase and maintain the fire trucks and equipment. Archbold pays the firefighters and maintains the buildings to house the equipment.

Mutual Aid

In another fire-related item, council approved establishing a mutual aid agreement with the Ohio Air National Guard 180th Fighter Wing, based at Toledo Express Airport.

Andy Brodbeck, AFD chief, told council about a month ago fire chiefs in Fulton County considered what they would do if they needed a large amount of firefighting foam.

For example, tanker trucks and railroad cars carry chemicals that can’t be extinguished with water. Foam is needed to smother the flames.

Brodbeck said AFD can’t store enough of the liquid used to make foam to handle a tanker truck crash or railroad car derailment.

“We have enough to handle the situation until we can get more,” he said.

The Air National Guard firefighting unit has large amounts of foam on hand, which it can use to battle jet fuel fires in case of a plane crash.

Brodbeck told council offi cials of the 180th were considering seeking mutual aid agreements with fire departments west of Toledo Express Airport, including departments in Fulton County.

Fighter jets (F-16s attached to the 180th) do a lot of practice runs west of the airport.

If a jet crashes in a fire district without a mutual aid agreement, the federal government takes over the crash scene, creating signifi- cant paperwork problems.

Also, Brodbeck said since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, all American fighter jets carry live ammunition every time they fly. Emergency responders from the 180th offer training on how to secure live ammo from a crash site, he said.

In response to a question, Brodbeck said he sees no downside to the agreement.

Vaughn Bentz, a councilman, asked if the Toledo Port Authority would be a good source for foam. Brodbeck said he had not looked at that issue.

Brodbeck said one company near Metamora keeps a large supply of foam liquid on hand.

In response to a question from Kevin Eicher, a councilman, Brodbeck said the 180th has firefighters on duty at all times, and they have a wide variety of equipment, such as fire engines and brush trucks.

Kevin Morton, a councilman, asked about other county departments. Brodbeck said all the county fire chiefs are recommending their communities sign agreements with the 180th.


Counclmen were shown a letter written by Howell to John Kasich, Ohio governor, and other state officials asking for changes in state energy efficiency standards.

Originally written in the 1990s, Howell said the standards no longer reflect current energy market realities, and could drive up the cost of energy. That, in turn, would lower the state’s ability to compete for new jobs.

The letter suggested freezing efficiency standards at 2012 levels.

Kenny Cowell, a councilman, said he had been approached by a constituent who complained that he (the constituent) had brought an issue to Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, but Wyse never brought the issue to full council.

Wyse said he did not remember the contact.

Council also set Thursday, Dec. 27, 6 pm, as the date of a special meeting to adjust the village appropriation ordinance.

Ed Leininger, councilman, was absent.

The next council meeting is Monday, Dec. 17, 7 pm, in council chambers.–David Pugh

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