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Council Okays Two Construction Jobs

Archbold Village Council approved two construction projects during its Monday night, March 1 meeting.

Smith Paving & Excavating, Norwalk, was the winning bidder to resurface South Defiance Street from the Norfolk Southern tracks to the West Barre Road-Lafayette Street intersection.

Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, was the winning bidder to construct a waterline along Frey Road, which is also Co. Rd. 24, from the Norfolk Southern tracks to Stryker Street (St. Rt. 2). Construction of the waterline will make water service to the Archbold Hospital more reliable.


Smith Paving & Excavating bid $267,427.50. It is $45,572.50, or about 14.6%, under the engineer’s estimate of $313,000.

Gerken Paving, Napoleon, bid $273,372.50, which was $5,945 more.

Crestline Paving & Excavating, Toledo, bid $278,404, $10,976 higher than Smith.

The village will receive $240,000 through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, known as an economic stimulus grant.

The project includes reconstruction of curbs along the street, but limited sidewalk replacement.

Because South Defiance Street also is St. Rt. 66, the village asked the Ohio Department of Transportation to repave the road, but ODOT refused.

Howell said Smith Paving & Excavating has served as a subcontractor in Archbold on several projects, but this is the first time it will be the lead contractor.


Lingvai Excavating offered to install the new waterline for $104,396.50, which was $25,603.50, or about 19.7%, under the engineer’s estimate of $130,000.

Burroughs Concrete & Construction, Grove City, bid $115,287.50, or $10,891 higher than Lingvai.

Midwest Trenchless Services, Grant, Mich., bid $118,650, or $14,253.50 more than the lowest bid.

S&S Directional Boring, Bryan, bid $119,552.50, $15,156 over the winning bid.

Lingvai Excavating has completed several projects in Archbold.

The waterline and repaving projects will be completed in July.


Bob Seaman, village engineer, said the South Defi- ance Street repaving probably will start in late April or May, after the asphalt plants open for the season.

In response to a question from Kevin Eicher, councilman, Seaman said the contract with Smith will require the firm to maintain twoway traffic on South Defi- ance Street while repaving is underway.

In the work zone, traffic may travel two ways in one lane, with flaggers controlling traffic.

During the repaving, oversized trucks will not be allowed in the work zone.

Jeff Fryman, councilman, was absent from the meeting.

The next council meeting is Monday, March 15, 7 pm, in council chambers.


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