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Council Okays Street Contract With ODOT

Archbold Village Council approved a measure to enter into an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation to repave South Defiance Street, from the West Barre Road-Lafayette Street intersection to the Brush Creek bridge.

The action came at the Monday, June 17 council meeting.

Under the agreement with the village, ODOT will pay to resurface the street to eliminate a problem with ruts in the asphalt pavement caused by heavy truck traffic.

Because South Defiance Street is also St. Rt. 66, ODOT has responsibility for the project.

The agreement is known as “LPA,” for local public agency.

It is also informally known as “local let,” because the contract will be put out for bids by the village of Archbold.

The Archbold engineering department will handle the design work, and is responsible for inspection of the work.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said while ODOT will be responsible for the pavement, curb repair in the area will be the responsibility of the village.

Seaman told council the project cost includes “whitetopping” at the intersection of West Barre Road and South Defiance Street.

White-topping involves building sections of the road with concrete pavement, rather than asphalt.

Concrete sections, or pads, would be built where heavy trucks stop or turn. The movements by trucks cause rutting in asphalt.

Seaman said concrete, made with Portland cement, is a rigid pavement, while asphalt is considered a flexible pavement. Concrete is “rut-resistant,” he said.

Seaman said the South Defiance Street resurfacing has an estimated cost of $558,000.

Archbold would be responsible for $168,000 of the work.

Seaman said the project will be put out for bids in December.

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