Archbold, OH

Council Okays Street Bid

Archbold Village Council approved the bid of Hohenbrink Excavating, Findlay, to rebuild Depot and High Streets in the village.

The action came during the Monday, Feb. 19 council meeting.

Depot Street will be rebuilt from North Defiance Street to East Holland Street.

High Street, which starts at Murbach Street and terminates at a dead end, will also be reconstructed.

Both will have curbs and gutters when the project is complete.

There were seven bidders overall for the reconstruction. Hohenbrink was by far the lowest, at $420,932.50.

The bid was $79,567.50 under the engineer’s estimate, which was $500,500.

The next lowest bid was $483,387.50, which was $62,455 more than the winning bid. It was submitted by Miller Contracting Group, Archbold.

Hohenbrink Excavating and Miller Contracting were the only two bidders below the engineer’s estimate.

Bryan Excavating, Bryan, bid $518,350, $97,417.50 over the Hohenbrink bid.

Crestline Paving, Toledo, said it could do the job for $524,478, $103,545.50 over the Hohenbrink bid.

Vernon Nagel, Napoleon, submitted a bid of $532,113.88, $111,181.38 over the low bid.

Gerken Paving, Napoleon, offered to rebuilt the streets for $543,380, $122,447.50 over the low bid.

The highest bid of $565,000 was submitted by Geddis Paving & Excavating, which was $144,067.50 over the winning bid.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said there is quite a difference between the Hohenbrink bid and the bids of the other companies.

He said village engineers reviewed the low bid, looking to see if the company missed a major item, but found no errors.

Hohenbrink has not worked in the village before. Seaman said references indicated the firm is a good, smaller contractor.

Council approved a change order on the West Street sewer-lining project.

Sewer lining involves adding a specialized liner inside an old sanitary sewer pipe. The lining extends the life of the sewer pipeline, without having to dig up the old line and replace it.

The change order reduced the overall contract price by $5,521, making the final contract price $73,854.

Brian Huffman, a councilman, was absent.

The next meeting is Monday, March 5, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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