Archbold, OH

Council Okays Bids For Video Traffic Signals

Archbold Village Council approved the $63,260 bid of Perram Electric, Wadsworth, for installation of new videodetection traffic signals at three intersections at its Monday, July 15 meeting.

The system uses video cameras, rather than wire loops embedded in the pavement, to detect vehicles waiting for traffic signals to change at intersections.

Once the control system detects a vehicle it cycles the stoplights, allowing the vehicles to proceed.

The village has been replacing the old loop detectors with the video system.

The three intersections selected for conversion:

•South Defiance Street at Lugbill Road;

•South Defiance Street at Short-Buehrer Road;

•North Defiance Street at Lutz Road.

Also, under the contract, the company will install rigid mounts for the traffic signals at the intersection of Stryker Street and Franklin Street, and at the Lafayette Street crosswalk.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, said currently, there are flexible mounts on the signals.

During high winds, the traffic signals swing back and forth. Street department workers have to go out and realign the signals afterward. Rigid mounts will stop the problem.


Three firms entered bids for the project. Perram Electric has never worked in the village before, but Howell said Bob Seaman, village engineer, checked the firm’s background.

Its bid of $63,260 was $260, or about four-tenths of one percent (.4%), over the engineer’s estimate of $63,000.

U.S. Utility, Perrysburg, which has done several projects in the village, submitted a bid of $66,259, $2,999 more than the low bid.

Lake Erie Electrical of Toledo but based in Bowling Green, submitted the highest bid of $69,300, $6,040 more than the Perram bid.

Flexible, Reliable

Seaman told councilmen the video detection system is much more flexible and reliable than the old-style loop detectors, which relied on detecting a vehicle’s magnetic field to trigger the lights.

Maintenance on the new system is much more economical, he said.–David Pugh

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