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Council Okays 4.18% Garbage Contract Hike

Archbold village councilmen approved a 4.18% hike in the cost of residential garbage collection during its Monday, Jan. 19 meeting.

The increase in the village refuse removal contract won’t be passed on to homeowners at this time, but council could review the charges at a later date.

The Village of Archbold provides refuse collection services to homeowners. A charge of $5 per month is placed on village water bills, but does not cover the entire cost of refuse collection.

For many years, the village has contracted with ARS, Inc., for residential refuse collection.

Howell told councilmen he had asked the firm to consider a 2% increase for refuse removal, but the company submitted information that showed their costs for dumping refuse (the “tipping fee”) at the Williams County Landfill has increased by 9%.

Company officials don’t know what will happen to the price of diesel fuel.

The village contract with the company allows ARS to raise its price up to the Consumer Price Index amount, which currently stands at 4.18%.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said in the past few years, ARS company officials said they did not need the full CPI increase. Last year, the company accepted about 3%.

Storage Building

Council approved several change orders and financial measures.

Among the items approved were three changes in the new vehicle storage building.

Changes included

•$13,750 for site work. Bob Seaman, village engineer, said original plans were to have another firm do the site work, but Midwest Contracting, Maumee, the contractor on the project, could do the work for a favorable price.

•$2,750 for a higher-quality coating on the external steel. The change also allows more color options.

•$2,826 for State of Ohio permits, one of which called for an additional handrail for an upstairs storage area.

Seaman said Midwest Contracting will ask for a threeweek extension on the project deadline, due to weather.

Councilmen approved transferring $65,000 from the general fund to the cemetery fund.

Howell said the money will pay for the cemetery’s annual operating expense, plus improvements.

A final change order, increasing the total cost by $13,147.93, was approved for last year’s concrete street repairs.

Seaman said the bulk of the additional cost was for repairs to eight-inch pavements in the alley east of the Archbold Middle School. Other additional expenses included unplanned sidewalk repairs, plus repairs to sewer lines.

Final cost of the concrete street improvement projects was $186,717.93.

Council also approved a bookkeeping measure to close out the Wastewater Treatment Plant construction fund, moving $2,701.29 to the plant’s general fund.


Council approved several monthly and year-end reports, including reports from the street, police, and fire Departments.

Also presented were zoning reports.

The next council meeting is Monday, Feb. 2, 7 p.m., in Archbold Council Chambers.

All members were present, and all votes were unanimous.

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