Archbold, OH

Council Holds Executive Session At Nov. 5 Meeting

Archbold Village Council held a 28-minute executive session at the Monday night, Nov. 5 meeting.

Stated reason for the closeddoor session was consideration of real estate. No action resulted from the executive session.

During the meeting, council accepted bids for chemicals in the water and wastewater treatments plants.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, told council members chemical costs are up signifi- cantly, particularly ones used in the treatment of potable water.

Howell said recently the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency reduced the level of certain disinfectant by-products from 100 micrograms per liter to 80 micrograms per liter.

Howell said there was no good reason for the reduction, but it would drive up the cost of water treatment.

Council authorized Howell and Rick Schantz, superintendent of the water treatment plant, to sign an agreement allowing the village to participate in a mutual aid agreement and become part of the Ohio Water- Wastewater Agency Response Network, or WARN.

Howell told council members, “It’s nothing we haven’t done in the past, and wouldn’t do anyway.”

Members of council’s police and fire, streets and sidewalks, and utility committees reported the heads of the village departments had met with the committees and discussed budget figures.

Brad Grime, councilman and streets and sidewalks committee member, said Grant Bernath, village street commissioner, is looking at a new loader within the next year or two. Bernath is considering trading the village’s loader on a newer used one.

Kevin Morton, councilman and utility committee member, reported expenses were up slightly at the wastewater treatment plant, but that was to be expected during the recent plant reconstruction.- David Pugh

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