Archbold, OH

Council Grants 2% Wage Hike To Archbold Village Employees

Archbold Village Council approved granting village employees a 2% increase in base pay at its Monday night, Nov. 19 meeting.

Dennis Howell, village administrator, said some part-time employees will get raises that amount to more than 2%, due to the increase in the Ohio minimum wage law.

The minimum wage in Ohio increases from $7.70 per hour to $7.85 per hour for non-tipped employees and from $3.85 to $3.93 per hour for tipped employees, plus tips.

The increased minimum wage will apply to employees of businesses with annual gross receipts of more than $283,000 per year.

Also approved were changes in health insurance benefi ts.

Howell said the cap on out-of-pocket expenses of employees went from $750 to $1,000 for a single plan, and from $1,500 to $2,000 for a family plan. The changes wipe out a 4% increase in the premium paid by the village.

Fire Fee

Councilmen tabled the renewal of the fire protection agreement with German Township.

Howell said the agreement called for the German Township Trustees to pay the village $5,500 per year.

Under the agreement, which had been in effect in one form or another for decades, the township agrees to purchase and maintain the firefighting equipment, such as fire trucks, and the tools firefighters carry.

The Village of Archbold pays the firefighters, and provides the buildings to house the trucks.

Howell said village offi cials don’t know why the $5,500 charge was instituted. He is researching the issue. Passage of the agreement is pending the results of his research.


Council authorized Howell to send a letter of commitment to the Ohio Department of Transportation for the repaving of South Defi- ance Street.

Village officials have pushed for the work because the asphalt pavement has become rutted. When it rains, water collects in the ruts and presents a hazard to motorists.

Under the agreement, the village engineering department will design, engineer, and inspect the project for ODOT. ODOT will pay the cost of the work.

Howell said the letter of commitment is not a firm contract.

If talks between the village and ODOT go well, South Defiance Street could be re- surfaced from the West Barre Road-Lafayette Street intersection to the Brush Creek bridge in the second half of 2013.


Council performed many housekeeping measures at the meeting.

It approved transferring $50,000 from the Water Fund to the Water Replacement and Investment Fund. The R&I fund pays for repairs, upgrades, and improvements at the plant.

Another $25,000 was moved from the Wastewater fund to the Wastewater R&I fund.

Council also approved amending the village appropriation ordinance. Village officials amend the ordinance toward the end of the year in preparation for closing out the books.

Council also responded to a letter from the Ohio Department of Liquor Control concerning a new permit request, allowing Archbold Sunoco to sell beer on Sunday.

Council opted not to request a hearing before liquor control.

Council reviewed the fi- nance committee minutes, Finance and Street Department reports for October, Fulton County Board of Developmental Disabilities newsletter, Ohio Gas energy services bill for the month, and a letter from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The letter notified village officials the industrial wastewater pre-treatment system had passed inspection.

The next meeting of Archbold Village Council is Monday, Nov. 3, 7 pm, in council chambers.

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