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Council Considers Replacing Generator Built In 1956

Archbold Village Council is considering replacing a backup generator at the village water treatment plant that’s older than the plant superintendent.

Kenny Cowell, utility committee chairman, told council at its Monday, Oct. 15 meeting, that when the 1956-model generator was started, “it shook us pretty good.”

Scott Schultz, plant superintendent who was born after the 56-year-old machine was built, said, “Yes, it shakes, rattles, and rolls.

“You cannot hear yourself think” when it runs, he said.

The generator is powered by a Waukesha six-cylinder engine that runs on natural gas. It turns a Kohler generator, rated at 150 kilowatts.

“The unit can run all plant-essential (equipment), but there are portions of the plant it cannot run,” Schultz said.

“We run the generator once a month to make sure it starts, and we try to run at least a high-service pump (which pumps from the plant to the village distribution system) on it.”

Schultz said a final decision has not been made, “but we are considering at least a 400 kilowatt generator. This would provide enough power to cover peak electric demands, and run all portions of the plant.”

Cowell told council they are considering units fueled by diesel fuel or natural gas. He noted natural gas generators are twice as expensive to purchase.

The discussion of the generator came up during a review of council committee meetings.

Village officials are putting together the budget for 2013. Part of the process involves new equipment requests from village departments.


The village wastewater treatment plant is considering replacing the grit removal system.

“Grit” is solid matter that settles from the sewage that enters the plant. The grit removal system uses steel bars and chains to sweep the bottom of a tank, then carries the material to a dumpster for disposal.

Cowell said the system is in rough shape, and Dennis Howell, village administrator, said it is a dangerous system to work on.

Howell said village offi- cials considered replacing the system in 2006, but decided to wait until there was more money available in the wastewater treatment plant fund.

Sewer Line

Howell said village workers want to check a main sewer line in the village.

The line runs south from Stryker Street under the Norfolk Southern tracks to the wastewater treatment plant.

It carries all of the sewage from the north side of the tracks to the plant.

Howell said the line is a concrete pipe. Since the sanitary and storm sewers were separated, there is now hydrogen sulfide gas in the system. Hydrogen sulfide can corrode concrete pipes.

Howell told council in the future, it would be good to have a second pipeline under the railroad tracks, but that would be an expensive proposition.

Kevin Eicher, a member of the street and sidewalk committee, said the street department plans to replace the old brush chipper with a newer, bigger one.

The old one will be auctioned.

Work Station

Council was told the village engineering department is looking for a computer work station. The department also needs a two-wheel-drive pickup.

Council reviewed the street department labor and finance reports for September.

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