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Council Considers Name For Nameless New Street

Archbold Village Council tossed around several ideas, and briefly considered having schoolchildren get involved.

But at the end of their Monday night, Nov. 3, discussion, they decided to refer the question of a name for the street with no name back to the streets and sidewalks committee for further review.

The street in question is a new north-south street extending to the south from Lafayette Street, down the east side of the new Archbold Evangelical Church building.

The street, which dead-ends about 300 feet, does not have a name.

Among the suggestions from council were "Worship Street," in honor of the church; Amen Drive; Harvest Lane; and Victory Lane, playing off both the Archbold High School athletic teams and the church.

Another idea would be naming the street after the late Bill Lovejoy, who was mayor of Archbold for 20 consecutive years in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

"I’m very happy with Lovejoy," said Ed Leininger, councilman.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said he wanted Lovejoy’s name reserved for a bigger project to reflect Lovejoy’s service to the community. One option he suggested: renaming the municipal annex building in Lovejoy’s honor.

Another idea was Lawrence Street, in honor of Lawrence Short, former Archbold mayor, since he had a hand in starting many of Archbold’s infrastructure improvements.

It was pointed out the village already has a Lawrence Lane, named in honor of Lawrence "Skeeter" Nofziger.

Brad Grime, councilman, said the late Vin Taylor had been a big backer of Memorial Park. Taylor was a former co-publisher of the Archbold Buckeye.

Archbold has Taylor Parkway, in the Archbold Industrial Park. It was named in honor of Orrin Taylor, Vin’s brother and publisher emeritus of this newspaper.

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