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Council Bans Parking On Through Streets

Starting in 90 days, no parking will be allowed on West Lutz Road, or any other through street in the village of Archbold.

Archbold Village Council approved legislation making the change at its Monday Sept. 14 meeting.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said “through streets” are defined as streets that connect with county or township roads or state routes, allowing access into and out of the village.

Through streets in Archbold include

•East and West Lutz Road

•Frey Road (Co. Rd. 24)

•North and South Clyde’s Way

•Lafayette Street

•West Barre Road

•Short-Buehrer Road

•Miller Avenue

•Nolan Parkway

•Co. Rd. A, near Arrow Tru-Line.

Parking will be allowed on portions of North Defiance Street and Stryker Street, because provisions specifi- cally for parking are built into the street.

Jim Wyse, mayor, said the streets and sidewalk committee recommended the legislation prohibiting parking.


Wyse said one provision of the ordinance allows exceptions to the no-parking rule for events and other activities, as long as proper contact has been made with Archbold police, and APD approves.

Kevin Eicher, chairman of the streets and sidewalks committee, said the ordinance includes a phrase that through streets “include, but are not limited to,” so other streets can be added in the future.

Wyse said the ordinance will not take effect immediately, so those who have objections can present them to council members.


Council discussed the minutes of the July 20 meeting of the streets and sidewalk committee.

The minutes state the committee approved a change in plans for the curbs on East Mechanic Street.

Ronald Rupp, a property owner on East Mechanic Street, asked that there be no curbs in front of his property so as to facilitate the movement of trucks on and off the property.

The minutes indicate the committee voted to eliminate the curbs in a 75-foot section. Rupp was to pay approximately $2,000 to change the plans.


Vaughn Bentz, a councilman, said the minutes did not include a discussion of a proposed crosswalk on West Lutz Road.

Bentz said a designated crosswalk is needed because youngsters from the North Pointe neighborhood walking or biking to school are crossing at random points along West Lutz Road, creating a safety hazard.

He suggested locating a crosswalk at the intersection of Stamm Street and West Lutz Road.

The goal, Eicher said, is to keep students away from the busy North Defiance Street- Lutz Road intersection.

Wyse said he would forward a note to Dennis Howell, village administrator, asking him to include information about the discussion in the minutes.

“It’s important we don’t lose track of this,” Bentz said.

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