Archbold, OH

Council Awards Street Contracts

Two street contracts totaling $191,116 were awarded by Archbold Village Council at its Tuesday, Sept. 7 meeting.

Birchwood Construction & Excavating, Defiance, won the bid for concrete pavement and curb repairs.

Under the contract, 65% of the Ruihley Avenue pavement between Stryker and West Holland streets will be replaced. Large repairs will be made at two places on West Street south of West Barre Road.

Two more areas that will be repaired are West Holland Street at Monterey Court, and West Holland Street at Christine Drive.

Other small curb repairs will be made.

In most cases, one lane of travel will be maintained on West Street during construction, with the exception of the cul-de-sac. Ruihley Avenue will be closed, along with a small part of Monterey Court.

Birchwood Construction & Excavating has never done work for the village, but Dennis Howell, village administrator, said Bob Seaman, village engineer, checked references and learned it has a good reputation.

Birchwood bid $94,421, which was $15,570, or about 14.2%, under the engineer’s estimate of $110,000.

Other Bidders

Three other firms tendered bids.

Quinn Concrete Construction, Toledo, bid $98,415; $11,585 under the estimate but $3,994 over the low bid.

Heer Excavating, Archbold, bid $113,820; $3,820 more than the estimate and $19,399 higher than the winning bid.

Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, bid $120,120; $10,120 more than the estimate and $25,699 more than Birchwood.

North Pointe

Council approved the bid of Gerken Paving, Napoleon, for resurfacing roads in the second phase of the North Pointe Estates subdivision.

All of North Pointe Drive, Quail Run from North Pointe Drive to Quail Hollow, and St. Anne Street from Olds Lane to Primrose Lane will be resurfaced.

The contract calls for the surfaces of the roadways to be milled 1 1/4 inches; areas with severe pavement cracks will be milled 2 inches.

Curbs will be repaired as needed, along with catch basins and manholes.

Three Bids

Gerken Paving’s bid was $96,695. It was under the engineer’s estimate by $23,305, or about 19.4%.

Lingvai Excavating bid $108,180; it was $11,820 under the estimate but $11,485 more than Gerken.

The Gradel Company, Toledo, bid $118,200, or $1,800 under the estimate but $21,505 more than the lowest bid.

Council also received a letter from Bob Latta, U.S. congressman (R-Bowling Green), concerning proposed legislation that would require local authorities to use collective bargaining agreements with all safety services, such as police and firefighters.

Howell said the village is opposed to the bill.

Latta said he would watch the legislation as it moves through Congress.

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