Archbold, OH

Council Almost Doubles Farmland Revenue

Archbold Village Council almost doubled the amount of money it makes from about 69 acres of farmland in the Archbold Industrial Park.

During the Monday night council meeting, Sept. 17, council accepted the bid of Stephen Fry, rural Archbold, to farm the 69-acre parcel.

He will pay the village $98.55 per acre, or $6,800 for the full 69 acres each year to rent the land.

The only other bid was submitted by Rodney Buehrer of Buehrer Farms, rural Stryker. Buehrer offered to pay the village $83.25 per acre, or $5,744.25 per year, to farm the property.

Fry’s bid, on a per-year basis, is 18.38%, or $1,055.75 more than Buehrer’s proposal.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said Fry has farmed the land for about a decade, paying $56 per acre rent. Village officials decided to re-bid the rent after seeing bids from a second village-owned parcel.

The new rent figure is $2,936, or about 76% higher than the old rent.

The agreement between council and Fry will be in effect for three years.

Financial Report

Joan Lovejoy, village finance director, told councilmen the village books currently show a balance of about $12 million, including $7 million of income, but the figures are deceiving.

Village officials recently refi- nanced two major projects using one-year notes. The village refinanced $2.61 million for the construction of Woodland Park and $3.9 million for the wastewater treatment plant renovation.

That, she said, generated revenue that had to be shown on the books, but the money will have to go out again to pay off the previous one-year notes.

In other finance news, council voted to accept the tax rates and amounts as set by the Fulton County Budget Commission. The village approves the rates and amounts every year.

Lovejoy said inside millage, property taxes that are allowed to rise with inflation, will generate about $11,500 more than last year, while revenue from outside millage, that which is not allowed to fluctuate, will be done about $10,000.

Lovejoy said the rates and amounts don’t include personal property taxes from ConAgra.

Howell noted that personal property taxes are being phased out and replaced with the Commercial Activity Tax, commonly known as the CAT tax.

Council also approved advertising for bids for chemicals for the water and wastewater treatment plants.


Howell said the village needs to reestablish the Archbold Records Commission. Originally established in 2000, it never completed its work, he said.

The Commission’s job is to determine what records the village can dispose of, and what must be retained.

The action is the result of changes in the state law, Howell said.

Melanie Nagel, assistant village administrator, is the chairman of the Commission. She serves on it as the appointed representative of Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor.

Others include Lovejoy, in her role as chief fiscal officer; Mark Hagans, village law director; and Jeff Coressel, the Commission’s citizen representative and secretary.

Council reviewed the reports of the street, fire, and police departments.

Wastewater Plant

In response to a question from Brad Grime, council member, Howell said most of the construction at the wastewater treatment plant is completed. Electricians and computer programmers are working on the computer monitoring and control systems for the plant. It will take several weeks, he said.

Howell said construction continues on the North Lincoln Street reconstruction. It should be completed by Sept. 1.

He said the village engineering department will determine how many work days were lost due to weather and waiting on Toledo Edison to move poles on East Williams Street.

With that information in hand, the engineers will determine the penalty Brooks Contracting, Perrysburg, will pay for late completion.- David Pugh

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