Archbold, OH

Council Accepts Bid On Sidewalk, Starts Second Sidewalk Plan

Archbold Village Council agreed to do one sidewalk project and approved starting a second at the Monday night, Oct. 15 Archbold Village Council meeting.

Dennis Howell, Archbold Village administrator, said the bulk of the work will be along Walnut and East Holland streets. There will also be repairs on short distances of sidewalk on other streets replaced.

Krueger Construction, Archbold, was the only bidder, offering to do the work for $32,000. That was also the engineer’s estimate, Bob Seaman, village engineer said.

The company plans to finish the job within 30 days.

Dennis Howell, Archbold Village administrator, said because the project was less than $50,000, the village could solicit informal quotes for the project rather than formal competitive bids.

Council also authorized the village engineering department to begin planning for a second sidewalk project, which calls for the construction of a sidewalk along the south side of West Barre Road from South Defiance Street to West Street.

Howell said the project will involve obtaining easements, including one from St. John’s Christian Church.

He said he thought easements could be arranged.

Seaman said the sidewalk would only extend one block, but it would be “a long block” equal to two other blocks in the village.

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