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Corn Yield Surprising, Ag Agent Reports

After predictions of corn yields as low as 35% of average, Eric Richer, Fulton County agricultural extension agent, said the average may turn out to be surprisingly high.

Based on the earlier 35% estimate and a 2011 average of 159 bushels to the acre for the county, the early 2012 estimate was about 56 bushels to the acre countywide.

But in spite of the high temperatures and drought conditions, Richer said corn yields could range from 90 to 120 bushels per acre.

“Corn planted a little later pollinated a little better,” he said. “Early corn did not pollinate well.”

As of Friday, Nov. 16, Richer estimated that Fulton County farmers were 98% to 99% finished with the corn harvest.

The soybean harvest is finished, he said.

“I drove from Fulton County to Henry County (Friday) and did not see a corn or bean field that had not been harvested,” he said.

Other than a couple of days of rain, Richer said the weather “has been tremendous for harvesting and fall tilling,” he said.

With the dry weather, Richer said the soil is less susceptible to compaction from tractors and implements passing over it. Farmers can do deeper tilling to break up the soil compaction that does exist.

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