Archbold, OH

Contract News Is Good News

The news that bargaining teams from the Archbold Education Association and the Archbold School Board have reached a contract agreement is good news, indeed.

The AEA represents the teachers and professional staff in labor negotiations with the board. The board, of course, is elected by voters within the district, and is charged with the operation of the schools.

It’s kind of an odd relationship. Like most things, the two sides function as a team with one goal: providing the best education possible for children who attend Archbold schools. All indications are they perform this task well.

However, when it’s time for a new contract, the two groups find themselves on the opposite sides of the table.

Such negotiations can turn contentious and ugly. The acrimony that sometimes develops can seep out of the room where the talks are held and poison the relationship between teachers and administrators. That’s good for no one.

Fortunately, at Archbold and Pettisville schools, the two sides have been able to give and take– understanding what each side needs and wants, what is possible and what is not.

AEA members and the board must vote to approve, or ratify, the contract, which is set to take place Wednesday, April 6.

Then both sides can get back to their primary task: educating our children.

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