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Mostly sunny

Congratulations AHS Golfers

Athletes from Archbold High School have made many trips to state-level competition, but Friday and Saturday, Oct. 10 and 11, was the first time the AHS golf team went to the state championships.

Kevin Miller, golf coach, said his team had a “Cinderella season.” They improved on the previous year’s results and advanced farther than expected. Cinderella or not, lucky breaks or not, the team worked hard to achieve its goals. No one goes to state without hard work.

Golf requires athletic abilities; but as much as it is about athletics, it’s a game in which mental focus and concentration are critical skills. As much as golf rewards those who play well, it frustrates and bedevils those who don’t.

The Blue Streak golfers proved they have mastered the game better than many Ohio high school teams. They can be proud of that feat, and the community can be proud of them.

Miller said he hoped his team realizes when one gets the opportunity to exceed expectations, “take it and do the best you can.”

That’s a good lesson for us all.

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