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Compromise Effort Dies; Stand By For Sick Days Fight

With a two-paragraph press release last week, Ted Strickland, Ohio governor, announced that the effort to find a compromise between the parties in the Ohio Healthy Families Act debate failed.

The OHFA is a ballot issue that, if passed, will mandate employers with 25 or more workers to provide seven paid sick days a year.

The failure of compromise efforts ensures a wild and wooly political knife fight. We can expect the loud and garish television ads, the inflammatory and wasteful direct mailings, and the inconvenient and annoying evening telephone calls. Both sides will spend millions in the coming media slugfest.

There still was time to get the measure off the ballot when the governor threw in the towel; he should have kept both sides at the table and kept the talks going. There’s nothing like a looming deadline to inspire compromise. At the same time, we commend Strickland for trying.

This ballot initiative, if passed, will be bad for Ohio’s already-hurting economy.

Archbold already lost the chance at 500 jobs because of the OHFA ballot initiative- could it get worse?

Strickland has taken a stand against the OHFA; we hope that he gets into the fray and fights to stop this job-killing measure.

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