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Complains About Light, Threatens to Shoot It Out

A resident of the North Pointe subdivision complained about the night light in North Pointe Park, and threatened to shoot the light out.

Steven H. Kauffman, 66, arrived at the Archbold police station about 7:38 am, Sunday, Feb. 14, and complained about the light.

The police report said Kauffman “requested that our agency do something about it as (he) felt it is too bright, or should be replaced with a different color.” The officer told Kauffman, “The lighting choices are made by the Parks and Recreation

Department, not our agency, and as such, this was not a law enforcement matter.

Kauffman, “then threatened to shoot the light out if our office did not correct the issue.”

The officer said in the report, “At this point, I advised (Kauffman) that would be a law enforcement issue, and they would be charged criminally if they attempted to shoot anything in the village limits.”

Parks & Recreation was advised of the complaint

Police marked the case closed.