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Community CPR Days Teach Life-Saving Skills

Rod Cheney, a paramedic with the Fulton County advanced life support rescue system, said the county has one missing element in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

The missing element is bystander participation- average people stepping up to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, to save a person’s life until rescue arrives.

Persons age 12 and over can learn CPR, plus other life-saving skills, at two Archbold Community CPR training sessions: 2 pm, Sunday, March 8, and 7 pm, Tuesday, March 10, at the Archbold Fire Department.

Three Minutes

When a person suffers cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating. Once in that mode, Cheney said there is a critical three-minute window to help save a life.

If the victim can get help, such as CPR, within three minutes, chances of survival improve dramatically.

Fulton County has two of the elements for successfully treating cardiac arrest in place: ambulances with paramedics and hospitals that can treat the condition.

But he said that one critical link, having citizens ready to perform CPR, is still missing.

When you perform CPR, Cheney said you’re compressing the heart, forcing it to pump blood to vital organs.

The next step is defibrillation, administering a jolt of electricity to the heart to restart it. That can be done with an Automatic External Defibrillator, or AED. Those attending Community CPR Day will learn how to use an AED.

Fourth Year

The training takes about two hours, and includes practice time on a CPR mannequin.

This is the fourth year for Archbold Fire Department’s Community CPR program, which is also partly sponsored by the Fulton County Health Center.

Over the years, Cheney said about 350 citizens have learned CPR.

“That’s pretty impressive,” he said.

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