Archbold, OH

Committee Fine-Tunes Details For Sesquicentennial

July 13-17, 2016

July 13-17, 2016

Jim Wyse, co-chairman of the Archbold Sesquicentennial Committee, said with the village 150th anniversary celebration just a week away, the committee is fine-tuning details.

“Everything is in place, and we’re looking forward to next week,” Wyse said.

“We only hope the weather cooperates.”

As an example, one detail that’s being ironed out concerns proclamations congratulating the village from John Kasich, Ohio governor; Robert Latta, U.S. representative; and Randy Gardner, state senator.

At issue is just where, when, and how the proclamations will be presented.

Gardner will present the governor’s proclamation, Wyse said.

Another issue involves the display of historic items from Archbold at Sauder Village.

Wyse said Sauder Village officials called and had room in their display for a few more things. He met with families to collect those items on Tuesday.

The booklet for the self-guided walking tour of the village, which points out historic buildings and homes, is being printed.

“We are waiting for a delivery date, but we will have those before next Wednesday,” he said.


The only real potential monkey wrench that could get thrown into the works now “is what the Lord sends us weather-wise.”

Every day, he said, he checks weather information using his mobile phone. With the Sesquicentennial celebration now within the 15-day prediction range, there is information available.

“It’s funny. Every day, I see small changes. I see the chance of precipitation drop 10%, or I see the temperature go up three degrees,” he said.

“It’s still a week away. I don’t know why I look.”

Everything is in place, he said.

“The size of the parade is just what we like it to be. I’m going to a committee meeting on that tomorrow,” he said.

“The big stuff is all taken care of.”

Is he excited?

“Excited, and also a little nervous,” he said.

“We’re getting down to showtime.”


The only other thing the committee can’t control is the turnout.

While Archbold can be “pretty dead” in the summertime, “this is a once-in-a-generation event. We only do this once every 25 years.”

He said he hopes people stay in town during the Sesquicentennial and enjoy the celebration.


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