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Commissioners Stand Firm On Early Retirement Incentive Plan

The Fulton County Commissioners have taken a firm stand on an early retirement incentive plan.

Under the plan, if eligible county employees agree to retire, the county will purchase a year of additional service credit through the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

A worker who is one year from retirement can choose to retire early, or a worker eligible for retirement can receive a larger retirement benefit.

The county benefits because supervisors can choose not to replace the employee, replace a full-time worker with a parttime worker, or replace a fulltime worker with another who receives a lower wage. All three save money for the county.

Joe Short, Fulton County commissioner, said one county worker who applied for the early retirement incentive was turned down.

The employee, he said, turned in a resignation for the purpose of retirement about 45 days prior to the announcement of the ERIP. That employee then tried to retract the resignation, then file for the year of additional service credit before retiring a second time.

The commissioners disallowed that person’s request for the early retirement incentive because "it violated the spirit of the ERIP."

Short said the spirit and purpose of the early retirement plan, "is to reduce the general fund budget. It’s not a gift for going away," he said.

"We have stood firm on the purpose of the early retirement plan," he said.

So far, Short said the county has approved two requests to participate in the early retirement plan.

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