Archbold, OH

Commissioners Mend Fences

The Fulton County Commissioners have attempted to mend fences by issuing a letter stating they never thought ALS-1, the Archbold-based paramedic unit, was “substandard.”

During the debate of the emergency medical service contracts, the commissioners said ALS-1 is too slow responding to calls during nighttime hours.

Archbold officials said that made it sound like ALS-1, and the Archbold Fire Department management of ALS-1, weren’t getting the job done.

In a Dec. 8 meeting with the commissioners, representatives of Archbold called for the commissioners to state, on the record, that Archbold has operated ALS-1 in an acceptable manner.

One Archbold councilman demanded an apology.

The commissioner’s letter didn’t use the words “apologize” or “sorry.”

But it did say, “We have never once thought or stated that we believe anyone (Archbold included) to have a substandard system.”

That’s probably as close to an apology as can be expected.

Archbold should accept this letter, and move on.

There’s a plan in place to review the county Advanced Life Support system in March. Let’s wait and see how that turns out.

In the meantime, everybody put their hurt feelings aside, and keep progressing forward.

Isn’t that the best plan?

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