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Commissioners Announce Early Retirement Plan

The Fulton County Commissioners have created an early retirement plan for their employees aimed at reducing labor costs.

In a Wednesday, Nov. 12 letter to the commissioners, Von Hall, county administrator, requested establishment of the program “as one of many ways to reduce staffing costs.”

“Fulton County is facing an unprecedented fiscal situation that will necessitate a reduction in staffing, and the county will seek to benefit financially by eliminating as many of the positions eligible for the incentive as possible, recognizing that the county has little control over who takes the incentives as required by state law,” Hall stated in the letter.

“Limiting operating expenses has become more crucial in the budgetary process due to the impact of changes in the economy on revenues, particularly sales tax, state grants, and local government funds,” he said.

Under the program, the commissioners will buy additional service credits for eligible county employees. The additional credit could enable them to retire early, or if already eligible for retirement, retire with a larger retirement benefit.

In return, the county would not replace some retiring workers, replace them with parttime workers, or replace them with workers who earn a lower wage.

Hall said the plan is voluntary; workers will not be forced to retire early.

The plan is only available from Feb. 1, 2009 to Jan. 31, 2010.

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