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Coaches Call For Rehiring Procedure

Doug Krauss, Archbold High School varsity boys basketball coach, called for coaches to be rehired by Allan Gladieux, AHS athletic director, rather than the Archbold School Board.

Tensions over the non-renewal of Kevin “Scoop” Miller’s varsity girls basketball coaching contract are still high, as about 80 teachers and coaches attended the Archbold Area School Board’s Monday night, Oct. 20, meeting.

At the end of the meeting, several board members spoke in support of school administrators, including David Deskins, district superintendent. They also referred to rumors in the community about the issue.

The board officially non-renewed Miller’s contract at its Aug. 20 meeting. Board members have not stated why the contract was not renewed, because the case involves private personnel matters.

Scott Miller, board president, said at the time, “The board wants to go a different direction.”

Brian Ziegler, a former boys basketball coach at Stryker and eighth grade boys basketball coach at Archbold, was hired for the girls basketball coaching position at a special board meeting Sept. 19.

Upset, Frustrated

In a prepared statement, Krauss told board members, “As you are aware, the Archbold coaching staff has been upset and frustrated with how the Kevin ‘Scoop’ Miller situation has been handled.

“In fact, we also feel it is not too late to do the right thing and rehire coach Miller for the baseball position, which is still open.”

Krauss said the coaches are seeking to resolve the issue of coaching contact renewals, “as we feel a proper procedure needs to be in place and followed.”

“We are suggesting a plan for the renewal of coaches through the athletic director, Mr. Gladieux, that hopefully you will take into consideration as we work to resolve these procedural issues.

“In conclusion, we, the coaches, feel both sides can work together to implement proper procedures for the betterment of our student athletes and our school district.”

Executive Session

Following the Krauss statement, the board went into executive session to consider a situation involving a classified employee.

The board remained in executive session for about 1 hour and 20 minutes. During the secret session, the crowd dwindled from about 80 to roughly 30 teachers and coaches.

After returning to its open session, the board conducted its usual meeting matters, hearing reports from each of the school principals and Deskins.

Christine Ziegler, district treasurer, reviewed the district’s five-year financial forecast. That forecast shows the district would need additional revenue by 2012.


During the “items from the board” section of the agenda, Janet Wyse, board member, thanked both Ziegler and Deskins for their work.

She said the district’s financial situation has required them to implement changes that have not been easy.

“Unfortunately, Archbold is a district in change right now because of the levy reductions we had to incorporate a couple of years ago.”

That was “a decision of the board, to reduce (the levy request) in hopes of being able to pass that for the money we felt we needed to run the system.

“There were things we had to do to balance the budget,” she said.

Scott Miller, board president, addressed the coaches and teachers.

“There’s been some inaccurate rumors or stories, whatever you want to call them, floating around in the public,” he said. “Some of them (are) very vicious rumors – disappointing- concerning the girls basketball position.

“I’d like it to be known the administration, the athletic director, the high school principal, Mr. Deskins- all recommended to the board a coaching person, Mr. (Kevin) Miller.

“The board chose to go a different direction.”

David Yoder, board member, said Ziegler and Deskins “have been following what the five of us (school board members) have asked them to do. They are following our instruction just as we hope the rest of the administration is following that same instruction.

“Mr. Deskins can probably be quoted two years ago, when we failed a levy, that things were going to have to change in our district.

“I hate to say it. They are changing.

“I am disappointed, but I’ve been elected to this position and I’m one of the five that make the decisions here. Everyone needs to understand that we’ve asked Mr. Deskins and Mrs. Ziegler to do certain things; we’ve asked you to do certain things; we’ve asked the administration to do certain things.

“We want everybody to understand it’s the board that’s done that.

“We think everybody has done a great job. I think the five-year forecast is in really great shape compared to where it could have been, to where it was going. But understand, in 2013 we do not have money to operate this business, and this is a $12 million business.

“Understand there’s a process the staff has asked us to follow.”

Yoder said the board is asking that the same process be used by others.

“The staff asks if we have a parent concern, go directly to the staff member, and then walk up through the chain of command.

“If anyone has a problem with an administrator, talk straight to the administrator,” Yoder said.

At that point, someone in the audience made a comment. Scott Miller told the crowd the board had allowed them to speak without interruption, and that they should return the courtesy.

The meeting adjourned shortly thereafter.

All members were present, and all votes unanimous. The next meeting of the Archbold Area School Board is Monday, Nov. 17, 7 pm in the Archbold High School media center.- David Pugh

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