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Clearing Out the Clutter

As any apartment dweller knows, space is often at a premium.

Whether your apartment is in the suburbs or the big city, chances are you’re strapped for space.

For those who are finding that they have simply accumulated too many things over the years, finding ways to make the most of their space is paramount to enjoying a living environment.

So before starting the search for a bigger place (one that will likely fall victim to clutter eventually), consider the following quick tips for making the most of your current space.

Purchase Bed Risers

Particularly for apartment dwellers with roommates, the bedroom is often the most cluttered area.

To combat this, consider purchasing bed risers. Bed risers will raise your bed slightly and allow you to store items underneath the bed.

Since a bed often takes up the most space, you’re simply getting more out of space without having to remove anything else.

For just a few dollars, plastic drawers on wheels can be purchased and stored under the bed for easy access.

Get A Closet Organizer

In smaller apartments, closet space is often sparse. A closet organizer, however, can be a great way to get the most out of your closet, regardless of how small it may be.

For those who love their footwear, purchase a shoe organizer so shoes aren’t messily strewn about the closet.

In addition, combat a lifetime’s worth of wardrobe with stackable drawers that will fit in the closet.

While shirts and dresses hang from hangers, use the space underneath to place these drawers and shoe organizers. Once installed, you’ll be amazed how spacious your once small closet now appears.

Do The Charitable Thing

Closets nationwide are filled with clothes that never get worn.

Whether a gift from grandma or an homage to the days of yore when certain trends were popular, people never seem to want to get rid of their excess clothes, especially those outfits they never wear.

However, those cramped for space would be wise to donate all the clothing they no longer wear.

By donating, you might get a deduction on your taxes, and you’ll certainly see an immediate reduction in the amount of clutter in your home.

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