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Cleaning House, Naturally

Cleaning house has come a long way since the days of doing laundry in a washbasin and scrubbing the floors with vinegar and water.

Yet with all that progress comes some drawbacks, namely dangerous chemicals that can pose risks to your family’s health as well as the environment.

Prior to World War II, most homeowners kept a cleaning toolbox of only a few healthy, natural items they mixed themselves to use all over the house.

Today, advances in chemistry and cleaning have stocked store shelves with products for nearly any household chore.

But those choices might not make your home any healthier, so it might be time to consider looking to the past for safe, allnatural cleaning tools.

Here are a few time-tested, all-natural cleaning products, as well as a couple of recipes to consider incorporating into your home- cleaning routine.

White vinegar. One of the most versatile and affordable cleaning agents around, white vinegar’s grease-cutting powers can be used to clean your dishes and countertops, polish some metals, clean glass and even absorb smoke odors.

Lemon juice. Affordable and naturally fresh smelling, lemons are excellent for breaking down hard water and soap scum build-ups.

Lemons can also be combined with vinegar to create a bleach substitute, to be used on clothing and cutting boards.

Throw one down the garbage disposal to get rid of unwelcome odors.

Baking soda. This is another solution for absorbing bad odors, such as those in the refrigerator.

Rather than dumping unhealthy chemicals into the sewer system, mix baking soda with boiling water for a safe and effective drain cleaner.

Here are a couple of recipes to get you going on the road to natural cleaning:
General Household Cleaner
1.4 cup baking soda
1.2 cup 20 Mule Team Borax
1.2 cup vinegar
1 gallon water
Window/Glass Cleaner
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 quart water

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