Archbold, OH
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Clean, Safe Water

Archbold has long been blessed with an abundance of clean, safe drinking water.

It’s been a selling point to industry. Your company needs lots of good water? We’ve got it.

Over the years, the village has capitalized on that ability to produce water. Archbold water reaches into four counties: to Pettisville and Burlington-Elmira in Fulton County; to Ridgeville Corners in Henry County; to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio in Williams County; to Evansport in Defiance County.

But the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency now says Archbold municipal water isn’t as good as it once was because it tightened the restriction on trihalomethanes, or TTHMs, based on science that says TTHMs may, or may not, be harmful to humans.

One can grumble about OEPA shoving decimal points around and restricting TTHMs to a tiny fraction of a milligram, but that has to be set aside. OEPA makes the rules, and Archbold must play by them.

Village officials are working to bring the water into OEPA compliance. It won’t be cheap, but it must be done.

Archbold water is safe now. If it wasn’t, OEPA would have turned off the tap.

But when the TTHMs are below OEPA maximums, our water will be even better.