Archbold, OH

Clean Gutters/Eavespouts

•Excessive debris may cause water in your gutters to spill over the sides, into the soil near your foundation of your home. This may eventually cause your foundation walls to settle, basement walls to bulge and crack, and water to soak in by hydrostatic pressure. This would cause a disasterous mold issue later on.

•In freezing temperatures the water that is unable to drain may freeze, damaging the gutters themselves, and sometimes may cause the roof to actually separate from the fascia.

•Upon cleaning your gutters, remember to scoop the majority of debris out by hand. Flushing out this debris with a water hose may lead to the downspouts clogging also.

•When cleaning it is always a good idea to make sure the eaves are firmly fastened to the house. Make any necessary repairs at this time.

•Place a couple feet of tile or concrete at the bottom of the downspouts. This allows the water to drain further away from your foundation.

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