Archbold, OH

Citizens Get Value From Department Heads

If there is one thing Americans love to complain about, it’s their government, and the taxes that support it.

However, after this newspaper reviewed and published the salaries of the village department supervisors last week, we find nothing to complain about.

None of the salaries seem out of line, given the responsibilities of each person, their individual talents and training, and their years of service.

In fact, based on the number of workers each supervises, and their job requirements, each might do better in the private sector.

The biggest paycheck goes to Bob Seaman, village engineer. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering, two state licenses, and years of experience, Seaman’s annual salary, which is under $91,000, does not appear excessive.

Jason Martz, superintendent of streets, is responsible for maintaining much of the village infrastructure. Not only that, it’s Martz’s job to keep the village streets clear of snow, leaves, and debris. That means while most of Archbold sleeps, he and his crew are working, making sure streets and parking lots are in good condition.

For Martz, $59,600 a year doesn’t seem outlandish.

Some of the biggest responsibility falls on the shoulders of Dennis Howell, village administrator.

He is responsible for the town’s day-to-day operations, supervision of dozens of village employees, and a boatload of other jobs.

He works with economic development, deals with citizen complaints, and has a major role in planning for the village’s future. His vast knowledge of water and wastewater treatment issues is invaluable to our community.

For all of this, Howell’s salary of just over $78,000 doesn’t seem like enough.

The list goes on and on, but in each case, Archbold is getting plenty of value for the money it spends.

And, isn’t that the way it should be?

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