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It’s only been the last few hundred years that Christmas, celebrating the birth of a child in the City of Bethlehem, has become an event in which the exchange of gifts has become so important.

For retailers, a good Christmas season can scrub away all the red ink from the books, and make a bad year better. For others, a second job or holiday overtime hours can make Christmas brighter.

But as Christmas 2008 dawns, it’s a woeful time, as the economy grinds down slowly under its own weight. Those who have little or no control over what happens to their lives are suffering, as decisions on the stock market floor and the boardroom bring pay cuts, reduced hours, and millions of layoffs.

This is the time to celebrate what Christmas should be about; families gathered, perhaps from far away, to celebrate together.

It’s time for grandparents to sit youngsters on their laps and tell of Christmas so long ago, when the snow stood over their knees, and they had to walk over a mile to school, uphill, both ways. It’s a time to read T’was The Night Before Christmas to little ones in pajamas.

Once the toys are opened and the wrapping paper gathered, it is time, perhaps, to say a prayer to the father of the child born so long ago. A prayer for peace, prosperity, good health, and happiness.

Merry Christmas to all.

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