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Christmas Message

We are but days away from Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the man Christians believe was the Son of God.

Christians the world over believe Christ, born of a virgin, who died and was resurrected, represents God’s promise of everlasting life for those who believe.

Christmas is also about a jolly, portly, bearded man who lives at the North Pole and who magically makes gifts appear to good boys and girls around the world. Children place their requests in letters addressed to Santa Claus or in person to one of the hundreds of Santas who appear this time of year.

These two concepts of Christmas have coexisted for hundreds of years, although sometimes it seems we forget the former in favor of the latter.

The giving of gifts is certainly important, but as the popular expression goes, those of the Christian faith need to remember the “reason for the season.”

Make time to watch the joy and excitement of children, of any age, as they open presents on Christmas morning. Gather together with friends and family to enjoy the fellowship and magic of Christmas.

Remember, too, that Christmas is about a newborn child, who lay in a manger some 2000 years ago.

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