Archbold, OH

Childs’ Purchase Good For Archbold

It’s good news the former Huntington Bank building in historic downtown Archbold has found its way into the hands of Mike Childs, a local businessman.

Huntington Bank leaders took ownership of the local asset after buying First National Bank Northwest Ohio, during a time when big banks were gobbled up by even bigger banks. Perhaps Huntington never wanted the downtown Archbold building in the first place.

Recently, they read their corporate tea leaves and decided Archbold had too many banking opportunities, and decided the old building was not right for them.

In many towns, that could have meant years of neglect and deterioration before, finally, everyone would have welcomed the wrecking ball. Another piece of history would be lost; another town would have a gap-tooth facade.

Fortunately for Archbold, Childs recognized the old building’s days were far from done, and that a good business case could be made for saving a piece of historic downtown.

Now, work and heavy investment is underway inside the building that has played so many roles in our community.

It is positive for Archbold that ownership of the building has returned to local hands. Childs’ investment is an asset to the community and, specifi cally, downtown.

Everyone is anxious to see how the next chapter in the history of 219 North Defiance Street will begin.

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