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Charges Pending After Explosive Device Found At Fayette Home

Members of the Multi-Area Narcotics Task Force discovered a “homemade explosive device” while executing a search warrant at a home in Fayette, Wednesday, Nov. 22.

Max Nofziger, MAN Unit commander, said the Toledo Police Department Bomb Squad was called to the residence at 407 South Fayette Street. The bomb unit made the bomb safe, and it was placed into evidence.

Nofziger said the search warrant was obtained due to suspected drug activity at the residence.

When the house was searched, drug paraphernalia, but no actual drugs, was found.

In addition to the bomb and the paraphernalia, MAN Unit officers seized several firearms.

“Shotguns, rifles, handguns. We confiscated them according to our protocol until a court decides we can give them back,” Nofziger said.

When it comes to bombs, the MAN Unit protocol “is very short,” he said.

“Everybody out, call the squad.”


“Because of the severity of the device we found, there will obviously be some kind of charges,” Nofziger said.

He added that the case will be turned over to Scott Haselman, Fulton County prosecuting attorney, for review.

The suspect in the case lives at the residence with a parent.

The suspect was away when the search warrant was executed, but the parent was home.

“No one else at the residence was aware of anything like this. They were cooperative and respectful the whole time. I have a tendency to believe them at this point,” Nofziger said.

Because charges have yet to be filed, Nofziger is not releasing the suspect’s name.


Nofziger said he had verbal contact with the person.

“’I heard you guys were at my place,’” Nofziger quoted the suspect as saying.

He said he told the suspect, “’Yeah, and I need to talk to you.’”

The suspect asked, “’Should I get an attorney?’”

“I said, ‘Yeah, you probably should.’”

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