Archbold, OH

Charges Coming In Recent Thefts From Vehicles

Tera Rogers, administrative sergeant with the Archbold Police Department, said charges against a suspect are coming in a string of thefts from autos.

Five cases involve thefts, while in two more incidents, a thief went through the contents of a vehicle but took nothing.

Rogers encouraged residents to lock their vehicles.

“Archbold is a safe town, but it helps if you do not let yourself become a victim,” she said.

In a social media post, police officials said “break-ins and thefts can occur in even the safest neighborhoods. An unlocked car is one of the easiest possible targets.”


Micah Schumacher, 26, 204 South Defiance Street, told police at 5:05 am, Tuesday, March 23, $185 worth of items including books, cell phone cables, and empty cologne bottles were stolen from his vehicle while it was parked at his residence. The vehicle was not locked.

•Guadalupe Gonzales, 70, 402 Stamm Street, told police at 8:32 am, Tuesday, March 23, that someone rifled through her vehicle while parked at her residence, but nothing was taken. The vehicle was not locked.

•Rebekah S. Marini, 39, 400 Stamm Street, reported a theft to police at 8:41 am, Tuesday, March 23. Taken from her car, which was parked at her residence, were a black purse, a wallet, and $250 in cash. Total loss was $250. The vehicle was not locked.

•Ricardo Leyva, 69, 400 Stamm Street; informed police at 8:47 am, Tuesday, March 23, a bag of quarters worth $50 was taken from his car while it was parked at his residence. The vehicle was not locked.

•Paul Reichert, 56, 306 Buckeye Street, told police 12:20 pm, Tuesday, March 23, someone entered his car and rummaged through it. It is not known if anything was taken. The car was parked at his residence; it was not locked.

•David Lee Van Hoy, 26, Holland Court apartments, told police at 3:52 am, Wednesday, March 24, that someone entered his car while it was parked at his residence and took a set of speakers valued at $400, a black headrest worth $130, and other items. Total loss: $560. The car was parked at his residence and was not locked.

•Brittany C. Ladd, 32, Holland Court apartments, told police at 1:53 am, Wednesday, March 24, that someone went through her sportutility vehicle the previous day. Missing are a speaker, debit cards, and other items, totaling $119. The SUV was not locked. She also reported finding a tablet and a mirror near a trash can on the west end of the building.


As part of their social media post, police offered several tips:

Lock your doors. This goes for your house and your vehicles. Don’t leave windows down in your vehicle.

Most thefts are a crime of opportunity. By leaving doors unlocked or windows down, it is an opportunity for thieves.

Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle if you don’t have to.

Bring valuables like cell phones, purses and wallets, GPS devices, personal identification papers, licenses, social security cards and laptop computers inside.

If you do have to leave valuables in your vehicle, make sure they are not in plain sight.

Never leave a spare key in your vehicle, even in the visor or somewhere else hidden.

This includes times when a car is locked.

If you see someone or something suspicious, report it. If you’re a victim of theft, report it, even if it is something you consider small.

If it’s not reported to police, officers may not be aware there is an issue. Reporting allows officers to be more aware and increase efforts in certain areas or take certain preventative measures.

When police know there is something occurring in the village, or in a certain area of the village, not only can they be more aware, they can make the community aware.

Looking out for neighbors and the community and reporting suspicious activity can help prevent these crimes from occurring or catch the person(s) responsible.