Archbold, OH

Charged With Marijuana Offenses

Archbold police have charged a local man with illegal possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia following a Wednesday, Aug. 13 incident in the village.

Israel Perez, 18, Colony Meadows, was issued summonses to appear in court on the two charges.

In their report, officers said they received a call of suspicious activity in the trailer court about 8 pm.

The anonymous complainant told officers two of the persons involved were walking away. An officer stopped the pair, who said they “were just talking to a friend about some money.”

They provided the name of a third individual, identified as Perez.

When officers contacted Perez, he said he was simply talking to the other two persons.

The officer stated in his report, “I advised the individual (Perez) that I did not believe him.

“The individual proceeded to advise me that he had given the other individuals some marijuana.”

The report states an offi- cer on the scene went to find the first two persons, while the second officer collected a pipe and a small amount of marijuana from Perez.

Of the other two suspects, charges are pending against one, who is a juvenile.

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