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Charge Local Woman With Disorderly Conduct

Crystal N. Molina, 23, East Gardens, received a summons to appear in Western District Court on a charge of disorderly conduct, Thursday, June 14.

Police were called to East Gardens about 10:19 pm on a report of a disturbance. As officers arrived, a bystander told them from where the noise was coming.

“Before I was able to knock on the door, I heard two people yelling at each other,” an officer said in his report.

“I knocked on the door several times, and it was answered by an agitated female known to me as Crystal Molina. Crystal was upset and did not want to answer questions.”

Police checked the welfare of both occupants of the apartment.

“At that time I cited Crystal Molina with disorderly conduct because of her yelling and unreasonable noise,” the officer reported.

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