Archbold, OH

Changes For Two Ohsa State Tourneys

The Ohio High School Athletic Association announced changes to the 2020 individual wrestling and girls basketball state tournaments.

The state wrestling tournament will move to a Friday Saturday-Sunday format (March 13-15) at the Schottenstein Center.

The state girls basketball tournament, which is the same weekend (March 12- 14), will leave the Schott.

The OHSAA has not yet finalized the location for the 2020 girls basketball state tournament.

“Recently we moved the wrestling state tournament a week later so we aren’t competing with the Arnold Sports Festival downtown and use of the Schott by the OSU men’s ice hockey team in their postseason,” said Jerry Snodgrass, OHSAA executive director.

“We had already published the future basketball season calendars for several years and we determined we couldn’t move the basketball seasons a week later right away, so for these next few years, the wrestling and girls basketball state tournaments will be on the same weekend.”


The wrestling state tournament will remain at the Schott due to the seating capacity and the arena floor size, which has space for 10 mats.

The last three years, the tournament averaged more than 54,000 fans over three days, including more than 11,000 for the semifinal and championship sessions.

Starting the state tournament with 10 mats allows for a double-elimination tournament for the 672 state qualifiers.

The OHSAA will make modifications to the state tournament schedule so the championship matches on Sunday evening conclude in a timely manner.