Archbold, OH

Central Mennonite Church An Inspirational Place

Hundreds of guests attended the Sunday evening open house of Central Mennonite Church, St. Rt. 2. The new sanctuary is warm, inviting, peaceful, and comfortable.

An ultramodern infrastructure supports the new improvements and offers great convenience. It is the third major construction since the original frame church was built.

Guests were happy to view the model of the original church built by Dale Wyse and encased for easy viewing. Guides pointed out that the stained glass from the remodeled structure was preserved and redesigned in leaded glass by Wyse and used throughout.

There are new classrooms; a fellowship hall, dining room, and beautifully equipped kitchen; and the entranceway is spacious and accommodating. Realistic wall murals transport viewers to biblical times in the Holy Land.

Hitching rails and horse and buggy sheds are gone forever. Gasoline buggies are here to stay. The spaces around the building are marked for vehicle parking.

Original members would be happy with the new and pleasant conveniences. Surely, they would approve of the entire remake and be happy someone else is willing to pay the bills.

The bishops are happy.

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