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CCNO Okays $16.5 Million Budget, Reduces Electronic Monitoring

The Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio approved a 1.6% increase in the 2009 operating budget for the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

The commission approved the budget at its Wednesday, Oct. 22, meeting.

Linda Shambarger, spokesman, said the CCNO budget had increased by 3.5% at the start of 2007 and 2.5% at the start of 2008.

For 2009, she said the commission had asked the CCNO administration to pare back the increase as much as possible.

The new budget for 2009 is about $16.5 million. CCNO ended the year with a $250,000 carryover balance.

That makes the per-day jail cost $71.15 per inmate.

There were no changes to the number of inmate beds allocated to each of the six jurisdictions served by CCNO. Fulton County has 49 beds allocated.

For the other jurisdictions: City of Toledo, 244; Lucas County, 197; Defiance County, 62; Williams County, 50; Henry County, 36.

Electronic Monitoring

The commission approved cutting the electronic monitoring program.

The cutback will see a monitoring specialist reassigned and a program secretary laid off. Four specialists and one clerical position remain.

The resulting reduction will cap the program at 120 participants. It had peaked at 153 in the past.

At one point, the electronic monitoring program was looking at a $200,000 deficit for 2008, but an increase in the participant fee collection rate and revisions by participating courts avoided the shortfall.

Electronic monitoring program costs are offset by grants and participant fees. Electronic monitoring is not part of the CCNO operating budget.

Commission members also decided if a jurisdiction has more than its share of the electronic monitors, and another jurisdiction needs one or more, the jurisdiction with more than its share will be asked to give one or more back.

The feed for a standard electronic monitoring unit is $10 per day.


CCNO members agreed to purchase new medical and dental equipment, at a cost of $17,444, to replace outdated equipment.

Also, the commission agreed to purchase 60 inmate beds, at a cost of $12,720. The new beds will replace old-style spring beds, for safety and security.

Jail population averaged 93% of capacity in September.- David Pugh

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