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CCNO Board Okays Leaner 2010 Budget

The Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio approved a budget for 2010 that’s about 5.1% smaller than the original 2009 budget.

The action came at a Wednesday, Oct. 28 meeting of the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio.

Linda Shambarger, spokesman for CCNO, said the original 2009 budget, as approved in 2008, was about $16.5 million.

During 2009, the commission approved two cuts: 3.5% in April, then another 4.8% in June.

The 2010 budget is approximately $15.7 million, which is down about $800,000 from the originally-approved 2009 budget figure.

At the start of 2009, the cost of a bed in CCNO was $71.15 per day; that figure was reduced to $68.65 in April, then to $67.77 in June. For 2010, the figure is $67.52.


CCNO was constructed in the late 1980s as a multicounty, or “regional” jail. The facility and its costs are shared by the four counties of Fulton, Defiance, Henry and Williams, plus Lucas County and the City of Toledo.

Each entity receives a certain number of beds in the 638-bed facility. The bed allocation is periodically adjusted.

Entities may rent beds to one another if needed.

Currently, Fulton County has an allocation of 52 beds, up three from last year. Fulton County’s share of the 2010 operating cost of CCNO is $1,281,570.

By comparison, the City of Toledo has a 240-bed allocation, and its share of the 2010 budget is $5,914,939.


On Monday, Nov. 2, CCNO began charging inmates for each day’s stay at the jail, plus a $100 booking fee.

“’Pay-For-Stay’ is being driven by our current economy and the CCNO Board’s belief that offenders need to be more financially accountable for their crimes and incarceration,” Shambarger said.

Out of the 9,500 persons booked into the regional jail in 2008, 65% were people who had been sentenced for felony and misdemeanor crimes.

It is not known how much CCNO can collect under the “Pay-For-Stay” program, but Shambarger said, “Offi cials hope that collection will be somewhat similar to the $300,000 collected by the Lucas County jail in 2008.”

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