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Carlos Martinez Captured Friday By Defiance Police

Faces Multple Charges In Alleged Stabbing





      Carlos Martinez, 37, Defiance, wanted in connection with an alleged stabbing in Archbold Wednesday, Jan. 18, has been captured.

Martin Schmidt, Archbold Police chief, said Martinez was arrested by Defiance Police Friday night, Jan. 20.

As of noon, Saturday, Jan. 21, he was being held at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

Schmidt had no details of the arrest.

Martinez faces charges of felonious assault, felony domestic violence, and two counts of aggravated burglary, one of which is a felony. He is also being held on a charge of drving without a license, CCNO records say.

      Police were called to the 310 Middle Street home of Catrina L. Wright, 30, at about 2:34 pm, Wednesday, Jan. 18, on a report of a man with a knife, and an alleged stabbing.



      The Archbold police report on the incident states the suspect allegedly forced his way into the Wright home.

      Wright told police she was in her bedroom with the second victim in the case, identified as Jose L. Gutierrez, age 30 to 40 years, address unknown, when the suspect allegedly came through the bedroom door, waiving a kitchen knife with a 7 1/4-inch blade.

      The APD report states the suspect allegedly grabbed Wright and put the knife to her throat.

      Allegedly, the suspect then pushed her to the floor, and punched her in the mouth. The report states Wright suffered an apparent minor injury.

      The report alleges the suspect then turned his attention to Gutierrez. Wright told officers she believed Gutierrez was slashed at least twice.

      Wright ran out of her house to a neighbor’s. She said she saw Gutierrez get into a car and flee the scene. The suspect fled, running to the south. 






      The report said Gutierrez spoke with Wright later, saying he received medical treatment for a cut on his head, which he allegedly received when the suspect threw an alarm clock at him.

      Police spoke with Gutierrez, who declined to cooperate with officers.-posted 12:27 pm, 1/21





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