Archbold, OH


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Thank you! On June 20 we were at Sauder Village for the Tractor Show. My wife has an electric mobility scooter she uses because she cannot walk long distances. She had an accident with her scooter. She went backwards down some steps and the scooter ended up on top of her. Immediately there was help on the scene. One man who seemed to know just who to call was very helpful. We found out later his name was Mr. Brodbeck who we think is Chief of the Fire & Rescue Dept. for the community. Anyway, the Rescue Squad came and took her to Archbold Hospital. The doctor and nurses in the E.R. gave her immediate attention. After X-rays and other checking was done, it was determined she had three broken ribs and a broken scapula. The hospital kept her overnight to make sure there were no internal injuries. They fixed a chair for me and I stayed all night. She is coming along. When you are 81 years old you don’t heal quite so fast. We want to say a big thank you to everyone that helped us out. To the folks at Sauder’s who took care of the scooter, to the Rescue Squad, especially to Mr. and Mrs. Brodbeck and everyone at the hospital who really took good care of us.

I wonder if the community realizes what a jewel they have with the Hospital, Fire Dept. and Sauder’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Swan, Temperance, Mich.


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