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Call Police When Suspicious

In Tennessee Williams’ play “A Streetcar Named Desire,” character Blanche Dubois said she “depended on the kindness of strangers.”

But an article on the public record page of this newspaper gives reasons why not to always believe strangers.

The article, taken from Archbold police reports, tells of two women who were visited by door-to-door magazine salesmen.

The salesmen, probably the same man, asked to use the bathroom in each home, and in each case, tampered with something. Thankfully, nothing has been stolen, and no one was physically hurt, but there was a great potential for danger.

Thom Ross, assistant police chief, is very clear: do not allow strangers into your home. It’s a good policy. It can head off a lot of trouble.

He also warned that if you see something suspicious, call the police.

Don’t hesitate.

Police say they rely on the people of the community to serve as their eyes and ears. They would rather check out reports of suspicious behavior before it’s too late or becomes a tragedy.

Protect yourself. Keep an eye out for trouble in your neighborhood.

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