Archbold, OH

Buy Local, Save Hassle

It’s tempting: when you need to make a major purchase, and you see an advertisement from one of the big box stores offering what you need at a wildly discounted price.

Before you race off for the city, think- what’s the real price of what you’re buying?

With gasoline hovering just under $4 a gallon, the trip to town and back is much more expensive.

Once you get there, the same big-box store clerk that sells lawn mowers also sells wallpaper, and he or she may not be able to answer your questions.

If there’s a problem, you have to haul the purchase back to the city, where maybe they’ll replace it. They certainly can’t repair it, because they don’t have service technicians on staff.

When you buy local, you save the time and trouble of a trip to the city, and the same shop where you bought your item can service it, too. They’ll probably even deliver it- for free!

So before racing off to take advantage of a great deal in a distant town, ask yourself – by the time you total the gas, time, and frustration, what are you really saving?

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